Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa's Breakfast 2009

One of the many traditions we have is going to Santa's breakfast with Granny (Grandma Great). It is easily one of the most exciting ones for the kids. One year Gabe and I were out of town when he ran the Las Vegas marathon for the breakfast, but our kids didn't care, they were going no matter what! So my Mom took them that year, and it was sad to have missed it with them, because it is such a fun day for us.

This is what they asked for-
Zane- Sponge Bob Game
Noah- Lego's and $ 50.00 bucks
Adison- nothing..... (That is an easy one!)

My Uncle Mike took our family pictures for our Christmas cards while we were there,
and these are the two that made the cut.
How could you resist that cute smile on Zane....

Or the tongue sticking out on Adison??

I grabbed the camera and took a shot of Mike and Nikki.
I love this picture of them together.

Of course, the girls and I always need to be together,
so here we are with Santa

Outside in the freezing cold

Outside being the dorks that we are

Heel Clicks!!

I am going to go ahead and say MINE was the most amazing that day.
Heel clicking is one of my favorite things to do, and I am so impressed that I have come along way in my heel clicking abilities!