Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ink in progress

I had more done on my arm last night,
and I thought I would post some pictures of my amazing work in progress.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Conversation with the Kids

This is just a little part of a coversation we were having while driving to school

We were discussing people who question things in life-

Addie: I just don't want him (Caleb) to be put on the spot about certain things....... like religion.

Mom: No one is going to do that.

Addie: But he (Spencer) might bring it up, and I don't want it to be uncomfortable.

Mom: Just because someone questions something Addie, doesn't mean they don't hold certain beliefs. Life is a constant struggle, and with that, we question things, learn from them and grow along the way.

Noah: Yeah Addie, life is a constant struggle, like this morning, I was struggling to get my pants on.

Gotta love it!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Wirlwind Weekend For The Books.....the Marathon, Coachella and Coronado Island

I have an AMAZING husband....okay, that is obvious just for the pure fact that he has put up with me for the last 17 years, but I am referring to his running.
He has now ran his 10th marathon, and is registered for another one this September...( we come!!)
He trains hard for months, sacrifices sleep and playtime just so he can take on this monster
and accomplish a goal that very few people can claim to have done.
In my eyes, he is nothing short of AMAZING.
Look, it looks like he is giving us the ol' thumbs up!!

While Gabe was pounding the 26.2 miles of pavement, Melissa and I ran our first 5k.
That maybe nothing compared to the marathon, but to me it was a major accomplishment, and one I plan to continue until I can post a time worthy of all the blood sweat and tears it takes a gal like me to do. I am so happy I shared that with Melissa, she is an amazing friend, and I miss her, so having 3.1 miles to just talk to her was something I loved.
Immediately following the marathon, we headed home so Gabe could have an ice bath before we headed to the airport. That's right, within 2 hours of running the marathon, we were at the airport catching a flight to San Diego for an extraordinary weekend that I will never forget.

A little sleepy Gabe?
The plane was so empty, we were actually able to have a whole row to ourselves, which was really nice for Gabe to be able to stretch his legs out and relax before we arrived.
San Diego is one of our favorite cities in the world!!
Even a short 2 day trip is so worth the time and stress it takes to get us there.
Who couldn't be happy with a pretty little flower greeting us at the airport that looks like something out of a Dr. Suess book?

We decided to stay in San Diego for the night instead of driving right to Indio to see The Cure play Coachella the next day. A few days before we left, I booked us a room at the Crown Plaza, and I am so glad we did. The room was beautiful, the view was spectacular, and the bed could equally be compared to sleeping on a cloud.

After we checked in, we headed to India Palace, our all time favorite Indian restaurant that we visit every time we come. We then picked up a few things at Whole Foods and Target that we would need for the next day before heading back to our heavenly bed for the night.

We both woke up early the next morning, well rested and decided to take our time before hitting the road. We stopped for some bagels and Jamba Juice before hitting the road for the 2 1/2 drive that awaited us.

The drive to Indio seemed to last forever, and as much as I appreciate the GPS we brought, I was sick of listening to 'Robot Lady' tell me what to do. I never was much for authority!
As soon as we met up with Kim in Palm Springs, we headed to Indio for Coachella, which was going to be an insane day full of hot sun, awesome bands and
crowds like I have never seen before.

Here is a cute car that passed us while we were in line to park.
I had to post the picture of the a/c knob Kim accidentally broke by pushing it all the way into the dash. I did not however get a picture if the cone she ran over, or the car she cut off......silly Kimmy, good thing she bought the insurance!!

The lines to get into the venue were insane, and the crowds inside were even worse, but hey what did I expect, there were 150,000 people there! We picked up a Cure shirt and looked for a Drive by Truckers shirt for Gabe that Kim didn't buy the day before, but unfortunately, they were not selling them on Sunday.

This is what $6.00 looks like, a bottle of Gatorade and Water. It actually wasn't a bad price considering what a lot of venues charge.
Earplugs were also a must!!

They had a lot of artsy fartsy stuff around, and one of the things I loved the most was the
golf cart they decorated for Amy Winehouse. She was actually suppose to perform at Coachella,
but didn't.....big surprise!

Kim and I waiting under a tent for the next band to come on.

Gabe and I

Gabe and Kim

I took this picture as we were headed to the main Coachella stage, where we planned to sit our butts down and wait until The Cure came on...(4 hours later)

I can not even begin to describe how big it was, and none of the pictures I took do it justice. There were 6 stages with bands playing at all times. There were drinking areas set-up, and mini dance clubs all over. It was crazy. They had a section in the middle you could go to and get hosed down to cool off from the blazing sun.

Finally we have arrived at the main stage!

The view of the sunset was spectacular.

Kim was either sick of waiting for The Cure to come on, or she was sick of me taking her picture. I would say it was a little of both.

I took this picture on the west side of where we were sitting.
All along the side were drinking stations and a sea of people for as far as the eye could see.

The Yeah, Yeah Yeah's were great.
Her outfit was by far the coolest thing I have ever seen and her voice was amazing.
FINALLY!! The reason we were crazy enough to sit in the desert all day sweating ....

All the pictures I took were of the screens, because there was no way I could have gotten a decent picture of them on the actual stage.

They played for about 2 1/2 hours. They did an amazing job, and it was all worth it in the end. After their second encore, they were told the could only play one more song, but apparently Robert was still annoyed from being cut short when they played in Vegas the Friday before and didn't want to stop playing for us. As he started to sing 'Boys Don't Cry', they cut the sound. He still played and everyone rushed the stage and sang out loud with him. Even as they turned off the screens and turned on the lights, he still sang three more songs.
It was a monumental moment, and I was so happy to have been there for it!!

Take us home and put us to bed!!

As we left, people started jumping all over some of the art they had set-up,
and ripping it apart.
Those crazy kids!
I turned around one more time to get a glimpse of the massive amount of people leaving, and again, the pictures just do not do it justice!

We went back to Palm Springs and slept for a few hours before we headed back to San Diego.
It was going to be a long drive considering the night we had before, but at last.......
Coronado awaits!!
Gabe and I headed right to one of our favorite places in San Diego....Coronado Island where we spent the last remaining hours of our trip before heading back to Salt Lake City.

We just layed back and ran our fingers through the soft sand while listening to the ocean
and an occasional plane flying overhead.
It was perfect.
Like I said to Gabe,
"Time to find me a job where they pay me to do this everyday!"
Way too close to the camera, but oh well!!

It was a crazy weekend, about as non-stop as you could imagine,
but it was worth every second.
We came, we saw,
we left our mark!!
Until we see you again.....
"You stay classy San Diego"

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Dance

Nikki and Adison went to the Spring Dance for Itineris last Friday.
They ate them some fried chicken and did the boot scootin' boogie.

Pretty Girls

Adison ended up dancing with some giant that was like 6 foot 8 and liked to do homework.
It would never have worked out

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One last party....I promise!!

This has been a loooong week, let me tell you!! It started off with Noah's birthday on Monday, then Adison's birthday on Thursday, my Dad's birthday on Friday as well as Noah's birthday party that night, karate testing on Saturday morning, followed by Adison's birthday party on Saturday night, then finally a party with friends and family on Sunday to celebrate 3 very special people, celebrating 3 very special birthdays-

Adison- 16 (semi-sweet)
Noah-10 (double digits)
Dad- 60 (old man!)

It is hard to get a picture of Adison when she doesn't want to look at the camera.
C'mon 16 year old, let us see that pretty face!!

My Dad and Noah opening gifts.

I think he looks dang good for a 60 year old man!

Gabe stopping to pose for a picture

Zane was trying so hard all night to blow hard enough on this frog toy to get his tongue to come out. After a lot of trying, he finally did it.

Obviously he was thrilled to have his picture taken

Nikki showing off her party spirit with some type of tinsel around her head

Obie with a tinsel mustache of some type

Kim with Izzy and Brooklyn.

Spencer and Chandra

Thank god we had a small break from the snow to have a good ol' b.b.q.
The menu consisted of-
Pasta Salad
Garden Salad
Cheesecake and
Apple Crisp
I am happy to now get our lives back to normal after the week of festivities.
Whatever normal may be in the Griffith household.