Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One last party....I promise!!

This has been a loooong week, let me tell you!! It started off with Noah's birthday on Monday, then Adison's birthday on Thursday, my Dad's birthday on Friday as well as Noah's birthday party that night, karate testing on Saturday morning, followed by Adison's birthday party on Saturday night, then finally a party with friends and family on Sunday to celebrate 3 very special people, celebrating 3 very special birthdays-

Adison- 16 (semi-sweet)
Noah-10 (double digits)
Dad- 60 (old man!)

It is hard to get a picture of Adison when she doesn't want to look at the camera.
C'mon 16 year old, let us see that pretty face!!

My Dad and Noah opening gifts.

I think he looks dang good for a 60 year old man!

Gabe stopping to pose for a picture

Zane was trying so hard all night to blow hard enough on this frog toy to get his tongue to come out. After a lot of trying, he finally did it.

Obviously he was thrilled to have his picture taken

Nikki showing off her party spirit with some type of tinsel around her head

Obie with a tinsel mustache of some type

Kim with Izzy and Brooklyn.

Spencer and Chandra

Thank god we had a small break from the snow to have a good ol' b.b.q.
The menu consisted of-
Pasta Salad
Garden Salad
Cheesecake and
Apple Crisp
I am happy to now get our lives back to normal after the week of festivities.
Whatever normal may be in the Griffith household.

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