Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tour de Cure

What an amazing adventure Gabe and I shared together!
While the kids were off in Yellowstone with their Grammy,
we rode in the Tour de Cure which took place in Brigham City, UT.
The ride was created to raise money and awareness for the A.D.A.

Stats for the ride-
Distance- 61.29 miles
Time- 4:29:43
Money Raised- $400.00
Average m.p.h.- 13.5
(which I know could have been higher if it weren't for the breakdown on mile 50)
Max m.p.h.- 28.5
Here we have our race numbers and the route we followed.
We were the route highlighted in yellow.

Steve pinning on the race tag for Heidi and getting her all ready to go.
Heidi was our 'Red Rider'...meaning she has been diagnosed with diabetes, and is doing the tour.
What an amazing accomplishment!!
Ready to RIDE!!

A picture of all the gals before the ride.
Why am I always the tallest standing in the back??

A picture of the whole gang there to support Heidi

Memories of the Event-
No coffee at the Bas Ass Coffee rest stop...however, they did provide amazing cups of Joe at the breakfast, and after the ride! :)
Heidi and her suitcases she packed on her bike
Bringing our toaster from home, then not using it
Massive amounts of ice cream at Peach City and the employees believing Gabe was Edward Norton
Overcast weather and sunburnt knees!
Tube socks for arm warmers
The 100 mile rider telling his friends he wanted to 'cheat'
Almost being hit by a car
Cramps at mile 50
Eating mustard to get me through cramps on mile 50
Having 4 1/2 hours to fall in love with my husband all over again
Accomplishing something, and planning for many more rides in the future
Watching a friend cross the finish line in the pouring rain with her family
Eating Indian food after the ride and not tasting it at all
Pulling the covers up over my head after a long day, only to be smacked by the remote control and receiving a big ol' bump and bruise.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heimlich Maneuver

I had to do the Heimlich Maneuver on Noah last night at Subway. He was eating his meatball sub, then he kinda stood up and spit some stuff out of his mouth. I asked if he was okay, and noticed he could not talk. I grabbed him from the bench and asked his if he could breathe, and he just made a noise that made be believe he could not. I turned him around and started pushing up on his chest, and after a few times, a meatball flew out of his mouth and he gasped for air. All I could think was, "What if this doesn't work?"...."What will I do?" When it finally was dislodged, I just stood there shaking, and Noah started crying. I needed to get away from the kids so I could have a little breakdown without them seeing. We drove to my Mom's, and she talked with the kids while I took a few minutes to try and gather my thoughts.
I still have the horrible images of it in my mind, and I can not shake the "What If''s"
He is okay, his throat is sore, and his chest hurts.....but he is okay.
Thank God