Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heimlich Maneuver

I had to do the Heimlich Maneuver on Noah last night at Subway. He was eating his meatball sub, then he kinda stood up and spit some stuff out of his mouth. I asked if he was okay, and noticed he could not talk. I grabbed him from the bench and asked his if he could breathe, and he just made a noise that made be believe he could not. I turned him around and started pushing up on his chest, and after a few times, a meatball flew out of his mouth and he gasped for air. All I could think was, "What if this doesn't work?"...."What will I do?" When it finally was dislodged, I just stood there shaking, and Noah started crying. I needed to get away from the kids so I could have a little breakdown without them seeing. We drove to my Mom's, and she talked with the kids while I took a few minutes to try and gather my thoughts.
I still have the horrible images of it in my mind, and I can not shake the "What If''s"
He is okay, his throat is sore, and his chest hurts.....but he is okay.
Thank God

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