Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Noah's 10th Birthday Party at Classic Skating

We started the crazy weekend we had ahead of us at Classic skating to celebrate our big guy turning 10!! We had Noah's birthday party here last year too, although a few minutes into the party, he came down with a massive fever and ended up sleeping in the corner and missed the WHOLE thing.
We were so happy that he was feeling good
and was actually awake for his party this year!!

This kid LOVES his LEGOS!!

Ice cream with plastic teeth in it.

Batman cupcakes......of course!!

The group posing for a picture. We had Tyler, Ashlyn, McKayla, Kaylie, Zane, Brooklyn, Izzy, Noah, Kyena and Azean. Absent from the photo is Adison and Nikki.

Z man being his silly self. He hates stopping for pictures.

As you can tell, the girls are more than happy to have their pictures taken.
Here is Kyena....



Adison and Nikki....

Finally....a boy!! Here's Tyler on the his scooter....

The birthday boy himself....Noah

The smoke machine was going nuts.

We had a private room for the party called the F/X room. It had it's own smoke machine and lasers light, etc... At the end of the party, the kids thought it would be funny to keep pressing the smoke machine and fill the whole room. Then they opened the door, and started filling the entire skating area with smoke too! Dem' kids are crazy I tell ya'!
Overall we had a great time, and were so happy to be celebrating
Noah and his 10 awesome years!

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