Thursday, April 2, 2009

16 years old....Are you kidding me!!

It is so hard for me to believe that Adison is now 16!
She is the same age Gabe and I were when we meet each other and fell in love.
Crazy I say, just bananas!

Nikki and I wanted to decorate Addies room to suprise her when she woke up.
Let me tell you, trying to get her to fall asleep downstairs on a school night was NOT easy!!
She was pretty mad at me and didn't understand why I was making such a fuss about her staying downstairs, she just wanted to sleeeeep!!

That was until she woke, went to her room this morning and saw what Nikki and I were up to until 2:00 in the morning while she slept.

Nothing was safe from the streamers and crepe paper

I think it turned out pretty good, what do you think??

That's right....Sweet 16 already! I wouldn't call her sweet though, more like semi-sweet.
I think that is more fitting.

Just kidding baby....I love you!

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