Monday, September 28, 2009

Kauai-Day 1, September 3rd

Paradise....pure paradise. Gabe and I decided a year and a half ago, that no matter what happens in life, we are going back to Kauai. We went for our honeymoon in 1997, and we have never done anything but dreamt about the day we would return. We had gone on other trips....Mayan Riveara and Cabo San Lucas for our anniversary, which were all amazing, but they were not Kauai. We found the perfect reason to go. The Kauai marathon was just a few weeks short of our 12th anniversary date, so we booked it! We asked our friends Kim, Spencer and Chandra to come with us. As soon as we arrived, life became less hectic, the stress was lifted, and I was in love....all over again!

The first day was mellow, we explored the areas around our hotel a little, hit the amazing pool they our hotel had and waited for our friends flights to come in and met them for dinner.

There are chickens everywhere! It is an amazing sight when you first get there, but after a few days, you barely notice them. We parked at a overlook to capture a picture of the beach and we were attacked by these little guys. The Mama jumped up on our car while her babies surrounded the car trapping us in. I had to get out of the car and lure them about 20 feet from the car then run back and take off. I didn't think we would ever get out of there!

We checked into our room, and was amazed at how lovely it was. A chefs kitchen, huge rooms, balconies, bathrooms.....all of it was just so nice. I was happy we decided to stay here.

Like I said, we didn't do too much the first day, but it was nice to take it easy after the long flight. It was also good to know we would have a good nights sleep, and wake up to paradise in the morning. Kim stayed with us, and Spencer and Chandra stayed in a hotel about a 1/4 of a mile down the road. I just kept saying to Gabe, "We are here, we came back!"

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