Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kauai-Day 2, September 4th

Look closely and you will see the Sea Turtle. Isn't he so cute!

He is so perfect.

Okay, my original plan was to blog each day after we got back from our trip. Well, here I am like 6 weeks later and I am just getting to day 2. Oh well, such is my life.

Our second day in Kauai we headed up to he north shore and played at Tunnels Beach. This was by far my favorite beach day. Within minutes of snorkeling in the ocean, I was surrounded by SEA TURTLES! I have never seen them before in all the times I have been in the ocean, so I pretty much freaked at the sight of them. It made my day. Not like anything could have ruined my day in paradise, but it was so memorable.

Spencer and Chandra were getting to dive right into the glorious magic that awaited in the sea. Kim was a little more reluctant to snorkel because she is afraid of water. She took baby steps though, easing herself in and getting a little more comfortable. I think she did great considering it was her first time in the ocean to snorkel, and being nervous to even try.

Here is where my blogging skills really show. I meant to put these pictures down below this post with the other pictures they relate to, but I suck. When Kim and I were at Queens Bath, we lost track of Gabe, Spencer and Chandra. We came across this sign. Oh my, I hope they didn't jump in the crashing waves!

Kim added 3 more marks to the plaque...just in case they were goners. We found them, and the marks dried up, so there was no evidence of our concerns.

Queens Bath where there were dozens of huge Sea Turtles.

Tunnels Beach
The view was amazing

The whole gang...minus myself (I of course was taking the picture)
Chandra, Kim, Gabe and Spencer

Gabe and I on the beach

Kim getting ready to test the waters

It was windy and humid...which doesn't make for the prettiest pictures
But who cares...we were in paradise.

Gabe playing like a little boy in the water
Did I mention I have a crush on him?
Isn't he perfect? :)
After playing at the beach, we drove to a spot called Queens Bath (above mentioned).

On our way down to the shore, we took some pictures by a waterfall.
Spencer was being goofy as usual...we couldn't expect or want anything less.

Gabe and I

Spencer and Chandra...a little blurry.
I think they were drinking.

My Kimmie, my cupcake, my forever friend.

There were dozens of Sea Turtles just playing in the crashing waves.
I like to think it was their source of fun, like they were at an amusement park or something on some wild ride.
View of Queens Bath

Gabe snapped pictures of Kim and I as we headed back to the Condo.
We always went in the back way because we only had the condo for 2 people, not 3.
This is how Kim earned the nickname DLS for our trip
She was our 'Dirty Little Secret'

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  1. Hey six weeks late is better than never! Looks like you had fun...keep posting.