Monday, November 2, 2009

Kauai-Day 3, September 5th

Boy do we look rough!! We woke up early to watch the sunrise on our 3rd day. We had only been asleep for a few hours, but we dragged our lazy butts down to the beach in hopes of an awesome sight.
Gabe doesn't like his picture taken so much when he is sleepy.....but I had to get a picture of my cutie pie while we waited.

I left our mark in the sand while we waited. It was a trip for our 12th wedding anniversary, so it had to be done.

We were not very optimistic about getting to see the sun at all with all those dang clouds hanging out on the horizon. We waited and waited, and such luck!

I decided to at least capture a picture of the awesome sky up above, so I could say I witnessed some type of sunrise. Now...most people would get up early every morning trying to grab a glimpse of the sunset until they finally got to see it......not us. Sleep was more important, so we never attempted again.

After getting ready for the day, we headed down do Po'ipu beach. Gabe needed to pick up his packet registration for the marathon. While there, we met Dean Karnazes..'Ultra Marathon Runner'. In my opinion, crazy bastard, but whatever. Gabe was excited to meet him, as he really gets into his books and finds inspiration to keep going after reading of this mans amazing endurance and strength.

Gabe with Dean Karnazes

After picking up his race materials, we took a map of the course and decided to drive it so Gabe could get a sneak peak of the next days race. Oh God! It did nothing more than terrify me, as I have never seen him run a marathon with so many hills. And not just hills, endless uphill climbs for miles with no breaks. I was very nervous, and also so proud of him, because at this point, I would have thrown in the towel. Not my man though, he was stoked for the experience.

On our way back, we drove through the tunnel of trees. Let me assure you that no pictures could do this justice. You are driving forever through this amazing....well...tree tunnel, and it just just insane. I wanted to play tarzan and swing from vine to vine the whole way down.

We met up with the Fenwicks and played for the rest of the day at Po'ipu beach. There was another huge sea turtle here, so it was fun to see them again. This is where Kim really let herself go and took really well to snorkeling. She was in the ocean forever! She found her comfort zone and didn't ever want to leave. I was so happy for her, she conquered her fears and had an amazing time. Gabe and I left a little early to grab groceries for the pasta dinner I made for all of us the night before the marathon.

We ended the night like we always did, with a few glasses of wine in the hot tub. It was a great day. We had to get to bed early.....because we had to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to leave the hotel and head to the start line for the marathon. YIKES!!

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