Monday, July 5, 2010

Kindergarten Orientation for the Little Guy

Guess who is leaving his Mama and going to Kindergarten? Sad, sad day. Zane could not be more excited, and when it came time for orientation, he could not wait to tour his new school and get the chance to feel like a 'big kid'.

After the orientation, the children all got to pick out a Crayon Sugar Cookie before we walked around the school. Z-Man grabbed a blue one, and showed that thing who was boss in a matter of minutes. Kinda made me want to go back to Kindergarten. Cookies, Field Trips, Naps...are you kidding me?

We began the tour, and of course, he held tight to his Daddy.

Yes, I am 'One of those Moms' that will even take a picture of someone
taking a picture of their child.
(Dimple City....can you see them??)
The door to his classroom, and the beginning of all new adventures
for the last of the Griffith clan.

He was very interested in everything the class had to offer.
Brightly colored curtains, a puppet stage, play place and even....
Look at that little guy...I can not believe it has come to this.
He is going to Kindergarten in just a few short months
and I am left with all 3 of my kids in school.
They handed out Bags at the end, and we made him wait until we were back home
before he tore into it.
He couldn't wait to see what the bright blue bag of mystery contained.

Everything he needs to get ready over the summer.
Is there a support group for Mommy's who have their babies going to school?
I hope so, cuz imma gonna need it!

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