Friday, August 14, 2009

5th Birthday's are for WILD THINGS

5 years old already....where has the time gone? Our little Z man, our baby, is getting so big!!

We had an awesome party. We hired 'Wild Things' to come show us, teach us and let us feel the animals of Zane's choice. It was a great idea for a party, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a unique birthday experience!

Blue Tongued Lizard- Wali

Hedge Hog- Huff 'n' Puff

He liked to stay curled up when the kids were feeling him.
He also made a noise that sounded like a steaming kettle.

Sugar Glider- Bitty (soooooo cute!)

African Grey Parrot- Congo

He was such a sweet parrot.....he blessed us when we sneezed.

Pueblan Milk Snake- Harmless

The kids were really open to touching the snake

It felt like a cold steele pipe. It was really neat.

Chinchilla- Gizmo This was the softest thing I have EVER felt!

Rex Rabbit- Curly

The kids LOVED all the animals

After the animals left, we had a scavenger hunt!

The boys found the zebra hiding in the dog kennel.

Pinata Time!!

Noah and Nick were a good aim...once the blindfolds came off

Nya had the bat backwards

Little Alie was too sweet to hit the zebra hard

Zane was ready for action

We brought in the big guns and had Addie break it!

Z man opening his gifts

A gun.....he is in heaven

Dinosaurs....again, he is in heaven!

5 candles.....where does the time go?

Cupcakes made by Mommy

He can't even wait for Daddy to light the candles before we wants to blow them out!

Letting Daddy help him read his cards

That is one happy 5 year old my friends!

And this is one worn out Uncle Mike!

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