Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School 2009 Edition

Where did the summer go?

That is the question me and my kids have been asking over and over in the final days before school started back up again. I am amazed at how fast it goes, and here we are again, starting a new school year. Another reminder that my kiddos are getting bigger,
and Gabe and I are getting older.

I present to you....(drum roll please)......

Noah Spencer Griffith

5th Grader!!

School: Entheos Academy

Teacher: Mr. Kent

Shoe Size: 8 in men's ( read that right!)

Wants to be when he grows up: Movie Director, Producer and Creator

(** note- Noah actually started school last Wednesday, but I thought since Addie started school today, I would combine the two of them)

I do not know how many eye rolls I get the morning of the first day of school,
but I assure you, it is a lot.
They seem so much older to me on the first day of school.
Even more so than the last day of summer break.

When I picked Noah up that day and listened to the excitement of him explaining his first day of school, I became overwhelmed with emotion. I felt so lucky to be sharing that moment in time with him. He is such a miracle, a fighter, and I feel honored to be his mother.

There is not a moment every single day that it crosses my mind how lucky we are to have Noah.

I feel like I always have to explain after saying something like that.....yes, I feel honored to be a mother, period. All three of my children are remarkable
and make me a better person everyday.

But there were moments in Noah's life where I dropped to my knees and begged, pleaded, screamed and cried to whatever greater power exists in this world to give him a chance.

Now...after that little rant.... I introduce to you.....(drum roll again)......

Adison Gabrielle Griffith

11th Grader!!

School: Copper Hills High School

Subject most looking forward to: Peer tutoring and ASL

Shoe Size: 9

Wants to be when she grows up: Special Ed Teacher,
specializing in Autism and Down Syndrome children
(what parent couldn't be proud of THAT!!)

Isn't she perfect? I just can not believe where the time has gone. She is just two years away from going to college, and I swear to god she was just born.

Her age also brings a lot of memories of her birth to light.
See, it was at the end of my Junior year in High School when Gabe and I had Adison.

Talk about a scary time in life.

Each one of my kids have taught an important lesson in life, and I hope one day, Addie will be able to understand how grateful I am for the lesson of pure love and selflessness she gave me.
There is so much I want for her future, becoming a young mother is not one of them.
But, for me, she must know, that I never truly knew what love was,
until the day she was born.

Wow, I am waaaay too emotional today....sorry about that!

Having your kids get older is such a bitter sweet ordeal.
But I am so grateful for the chance to call these
silly creatures 'My Kids'

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