Friday, August 28, 2009

Addie has a J-O-B

See that darling little worker in the background?
That is my Goonie.

Gabe and I snuck into Famous Footwear after we dropped Addie off for work. We wanted to see her in action!

I grabbed my camera, and Gabe said, "No, No, what are doing with that?"

I said "I want to get documented proof of my girl workin'!"

Well, Gabe advised me NOT to do it, but he as well as everyone else should know that I would never pass up an opportunity to embarrass one of my kids!

So, I was hiding behind a pillar, watching her do her thang when I pulled out the Nikon and snapped a shot. DANG IT, I forgot to turn the flash off! The store lit up really bright, and Addies head looked up, she stares right at me and says, "OMG!!" Then she put her head back down and pretended nothing ever happened.

It was classic, classic I tell ya!
She did amuse me with one pose before telling me to get the heck out of there and take my stupid camera with me.

Gabe apologized, and led me out the door.

They are NO FUN!!

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